Supporting Databases

Photos DB:

One of the assets of the GIS Center is the archaeological sites photos captured during site visits; there are approximately 30,000 photos taken so far. Until lately, these photos were filed and stored on server.
To facilitate management of these photos, a database was created using VB.Net and SQL Server. For each site, available photos are uploaded together with their captions.
Photos database is linked to SCA archaeological sites database through site ID Code.






Maps DB:

The GIS Center has approximately 3000 paper maps from different sources; ESA (Egyptian Survey Authority), MoA (Ministry of Agriculture), MSD (Military Survey Authority), …… etc. Maps Database was created to manage the archive of these paper maps as well as scanned maps.
Each map has a unique ID code by which it can be identified. The same ID code is used in the paper maps archive.
This application was originally created using MS Access and was later upgraded to VB.NET and SQL server.

A Microsoft access application that was created to manage the library contents (books, CDs, …..etc) of the GIS center. Bibliography database contains around 900 record.

Contact list:
A Microsoft access application that was created to manage the contacts of the GIS center persons/organizations and their contact information; name, mobile, email, ….. etc.

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