Legal Status

Sites have different legal statuses, providing them with various degrees of protection and maintenance.
For Ancient Egyptian Sites, six legal statuses were identified:

  1. Sites that are labeled as the “Property of the SCA” have the SCA full control of land use and development within the area borders.
  2. Sites that are “Under SCA Supervision”, the land is private property but the SCA oversees its use and has the authority to ensure that no changes of land use that can potentially damage the archaeological remains are made.
  3. Under Registration Process”, refers to sites that have been identified historically valuable by the local inspectorates, approved by Permanent Committee and registration procedures are currently in progress.
  4. While “Under Registration Request”, means that the local inspectorates acknowledged the archaeological and historical significance of the site and are in the process of assembling the proper documentation to request registration of the site by the SCA Permanent Committee. This request may or may not be approved.
  5. Site Under Research” is usually a site with incomplete or contradicting information in the legal records. The site may be registered but only a map of the site, an Amlaak map number or a piece number can be found in Amlaak records. The site may also be considered property of the SCA by Sigel ‘Ayni, but may not be found in Amlaak registers.
  6. Ceded” sites are sites excavated by SCA and found to contain no antiquities, so land is assigned from antiquities properties to private or state properties.

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