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“The Historical Sites of Egypt” Atlas 

In order to make use of the collected, processed and archived data of SCA archaeological sites, it was imperative to create an atlas that would present this data in an easy to use format.

The first atlas published by EAIS (now GIS Center) covers the Ancient Egyptian sites in Ash-Sharqiyyah governorate. It is in A3 format with an accompanying CD, titled “The Historical Sites of Egypt Volume 1: Ash-Sharqiyyah governorate”. The A3 book contains registered and unregistered sites in Ash-Sharqiyyah overlaid on a number of maps, including satellite images and topographical maps.

The CD provides detailed site information (archaeological, legal and threat descriptions) and maps for 110 registered sites, as well as basic information for an additional sixteen unregistered sites.

This publication constitutes one of the first attempts in Egypt to provide comprehensive site coverage and accurate location to facilitate site protection and management.

The book is distributed by the AUC Press (ISBN 977-305-481-0) and is available for purchase through AUC and the GIS Center in Cairo.

Click for sample of The Historical Sites of Egypt Volume 1: Ash-Sharqiyyah governorate.

The Historical Monuments of Egypt Atlas

The Historical Monuments of Egypt Volume 1: Rosetta is a comprehensive study of 38 historical monuments within the geographic boundaries of the city of Rosetta. It includes introductory texts about the history of the city and its more recent development, overview tables giving information about the official administrative status of each monument and various topographical maps of the city and it surroundings. Each monument cahier contains detailed information about the monument's history, its use and the state of conservation, accompanied with architectural drawings and photographs.

The Historical Monuments of Egypt is planned as a series of publications that will disseminate information about Egypt's Islamic, Coptic and Jewish monuments, as well as outstanding examples of contemporary European architecture. It thus compliments the Historical Sites of Egypt which concerns archaeological sites from prehistory to the Graeco-Roman periods.

The Rosetta volume of the Historical Monuments of Egypt was the result of an EU funded project entitled Reviving the Mediterranean Cultural Heritage of Rosetta, which aimed to promote the unique heritage of Rosetta to a wider Egyptian and European community.

Click for sample of The Historical Monuments of Egypt Volume 1: Rosetta.

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