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A series of links related to the GIS Center and historical research in Egypt is provided for your convenience.

Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA)

Dr. Zahi Hawass
The official website of Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the SCA

The Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE)

Foreign Archaeological Institutes Operating in Egypt

American Research Center in Egypt, United States

Egypt Exploration Society (EES), United Kingdom

Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale (IFAO), France

Nederlands-Vlaams Instituut in Cairo (NVIC), The Netherlands

German Archaeological Institute (DAI)


Non profit organization with the mission of: digitally preserving cultural heritage sites through collecting,

archiving and providing open access to data .

Basic GIS Information

Archaelogical Links

The Historical Periods of Egypt

Digital Egypt for Universities

Abzu - A guide to information related to the study of the Ancient Near East on the internet

Online Egyptological Bibliography

Theban Mapping Project

Giza Plateau Mapping Project

SEPE: Survey and Excavation Projects in Egypt


QuarryScapes website

Research on the Archaeological Geology of Ancient Egypt, James A. Harrell.

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