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Muhammad Bik ash-Shinnawi Palace

The palace lies in al-Gumhuriyyah st. in al-Mansurah The palace was constructed in 1931 by Muhamed Bik El Shenawy and was known by the name Bayt al-Ummah or House of the Nation. Many al-Wafd Party leaders and important political pioneers, such as Muhammad Farid, were frequent visitors to this palace.

The palace reflects the architectural and artistic styles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Europe and is the only of its kind in al-Mansurah.
The raw materials used in its construction were brought from Italy The palace consists of a ground floor and two other upper stories. The palace is characterized by its elaborate plant and geometrical fresco ornaments on the facades, in the ceilings and on the marble columns. The palace also has a parquetry floor.

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